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Teclub Anti Freeze - Coolant BS6580

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BS 6580 Coolant is an economical coolant concentrate providing frost and corrosion protection. In addition it prevents boiling and overheating of your engine. Exempt from potentially harmful additives such as nitrites, amines and phosphates, the coolant also contributes to a safer environment. For the perfect operation of water-cooled internal combustion engines, the engine and cooling system have to be adequately protected from corrosion and frost damage. To that purpose a coolant is added to the cooling water.

BS 6580 Coolant offers the following benefits to the user:
Corrosion protection, also for non-ferrous metals
Frost protection
Boiling protection
Seal compatibility
Hard water stability
Low cost

BS 6580 Coolant provides year-round frost and corrosion protection. It is recommended to use at least 33 volume % of BS 6580 Coolant in the coolant solution. This provides frost protection up to -18°C. Concentrations higher than 70 volume % are not recommended; maximum frost protection (about -69°C) is obtained at a concentration of 68 volume %.

BS 6580 Coolant is conformable to British Standard BS6580:1992.
The product should be stored at ambient temperatures and periods of exposure to temperatures above 35°C should be minimized. As with any antifreeze coolant, the use of galvanised steel is not recommended for pipes or any other part of the storage/mixing installation. TOXICITY & SAFETY
For Toxicity and Safety Data we refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. The transport is not regulated. Labeling as for any MEG based coolant is required: Xn: R 22 (Harmful if swallowed) and S 2 (Keep out of reach of children). This product should NOT be used to protect the inside of drinking water systems against freezing.


  BS 6580 Coolant Specification limits Method
Appearance Clear liquid Clear Liquid Visual
Color Optional Optional Visual
Density 20°C, kg/l 1.132 typ - ASTM D1122
Refractive Index, 20°C 1.435 typ - ASTM D1218
Ash content, % w/w 0.4 typ - ASTM D1119
Equilibrium boiling point, °C 163 typ > 150 ASTM D1120
pH (33 vol %) 8.3 typ - ASTM D1287
pH (50 vol %) 8.4 typ - ASTM D1287
Freezing point, °C (50 vol %) -35 typ - ASTM D1177
Reserve alkalinity (pH 5.5) 3.0 typ - ASTM D1121
Foaming properties at 88°C
- foam, ml
- break time, sec
40 typ
3 typ
ASTM D1881
Hard water stability, ml < 0.05 typ < 0.5 BS 5117:1.5

CORROSION PROTECTION Table 1: BS 5117: 2.2 Hot immersion glassware corrosion test ASTM D1384 is almost identical to BS 5117:2.2

Weight loss in mg/coupon1 *
  Brass Copper Solder Steel Cast Iron Aluminium
ASTM D3306 (max) 10 10 30 10 10 30
BS 6580 : 1992 (max) 10 10 15 10 10 15
BS 6580 Coolant (typ) 0.2 0.3 1.2 0.3 0.3 5.0

*Weight loss AFTER chemical cleaning acc. to ASTM procedure. Weight gain is indicated by a - sign.
Table 2: ASTM D4340 Aluminium heat transfer test

  Weight loss in mg/cm²/week
ASTM D3306 (max) 1.0
BS 6580 (max) 1.0
BS 6580 Coolant (typ) -0.2

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